Before the Move


You’re relocating to somewhere else – around the corner, across the country or even around the world. SOO VAN will treat you as an individual because your needs and requirements are as unique as you are.

Our company has been in business since 1956. We use the latest technology to tailor the right service strategies for you or suggest alternatives to meet your specific needs.

We become your partner to make your relocation as stress-free as possible. At your convenience, we will sit down with you, assess your requirements and then we’ll provide a full explanation of services, a full estimate of your moving costs, and a detailed inventory of household goods.

One of the most vital aspects to a successful move is the proper packing and preparation of your household goods for shipment. You can choose to have our professionals do it for you or you can do it yourself. We can advise you on the proper packing material, which carton is best suited for what and some packing techniques.

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During the Move


Good communication between SOO VAN and our customer is key to a successful move. Moving day is devoted to protection and preparing your goods for shipment. Your furniture is wrapped in clean, quilted pads for extra protection.

Every piece of your furniture and every box is tagged, numbered and inventoried so that upon arrival you can check each item off against the inventory list.

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After the Move


24 hours before your drop off date, your van operator will contact you to schedule a delivery time.  We suggest that you designate someone to check off the numbers logged on the inventory sheet as they come off the truck. If you choose to use professional packers to pack your goods, we will unpack for you, place the items as per your direction and remove all packing material.

If for whatever reason you can’t take possession of your goods at your destination, SOO VAN has storage facilities.

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